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Joan & I have known Bill Gurski for 10 years. He is a quintessential professional & a good friend. We recommend him highly.
When we moved to Fort Collins in 2007, we purchased a KEM home built under Bill's supervision. It was a beautiful home that we enjoyed for nine years. But the home was built on active soil that created some challenging issues. Bill was always there to see that that issues were resolved. This all took place in 2007-2009 when the local building industry was in a major recession. Be that as it may, Bill always made sure that we were completely satisfied.

Joan has always wanted to live in Old Town. When we decided to find a house that we could scrape and replace with a new build, our first choice was Bill. He agreed and then supervised the demolition of the old house and the building of our dream home. He worked extremely well with the architect, the city and all the sub-contractors. During the long process, we learned that Bill is not only well-known in the building community but highly respected.

Building our home has been a long process but Bill has been with us every step of the way to ensure our satisfaction. We have become great friends with Bill and his family and we highly respect his professionalism. We cannot recommend him more highly for your building needs.

~ John & Joan Spurgin

"We are very pleased and appreciate the quality you ensured during the construction process. The basement finish turned out great. We have had nothing but compliments regarding the appearance of both levels of the home...

...We especially want to mention Bill Gurski's effort in getting everything completed with excellence. We enjoyed working with him as a person, but especially noted that he wanted things finished to our satisfaction. Those qualities are not easily found..."

~Mr and Mrs Gheen

"Mr. Gurski was responsible for the remodel of the basement in my home. The project came out beautifully in the end much to the hard work of Mr. Gurski and the experience along the way was the most positive construction project I've ever been involved in. We discovered a true friend in the process. Mr. Gurski's work is perfection."

~Donna Merwarth

"We would like to offer a heart-felt thank you for your hard work and dedication in completing our new home. It turned out really nice and we are looking forward to moving in. We feel this move into a home where Lee is comfortable is absolutely critical to achieving wellness again, and we know you also understand the importance of that. We are certain this is just the right home for helping move in that direction. The 'vibe' in that home is one of support and love, and we feel you were instrumental in establishing that."

~With gratitude, Lee and Rita Gordon

"I saw the article in Builder magazine about your being named as the "Builder of Year" for Northern Colorado. Congratulations on a well-deserved honor. You are a very special person, and it has been an honor to have you as a part of the building team for KEM Homes. Joyce and I send our heartfelt congratulations to you. We have always admired you and your wonderful family and are thankful to have had the privilege to know you."

~Bob Everitt

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